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Area under cultivation 882,675 m2
Food waste diversion 30760 kg/week

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Saturday 18th February 2023 - 3:00pm

Fabian Capomolla - The Hungry Gardener: Preserving the Hungry Gardener way

The best part about growing your own food is that the growing part is only half the fun! After all those blood, sweat and tears we pour into our gardens, it’s when harvest time rolls around that we really get to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour! But can you have too much of a good thing? Anyone that has grown more than 2 zucchini plants will testify about how you can go from, oh this is nice, to whoa! too much very quickly! Fabian Capomolla, AKA the Hungry Gardener is as equally at home in the kitchen as he is in the garden. Not one to be intimidated by a little garden over abundance, Fabian knows how to make the most of the glut when it’s happening. That way, when the garden is looking a little leaner and you find yourself dreaming of more abundant times, you can pop into the pantry and grab yourself a jar of delicious homemade preserves! Join Fabian as he teaches you how to make the most of the abundance by preserving the Hungry Gardener way! Based in NSW’s Northern Rivers, Fab’s a defender driving, long boarding, content making garden guru. Check him at on Instagram @the_hungry_gardener

Online Event

Saturday 11th March 2023 - 3:00pm

Jac Semmler - Super Bloom: Maximum plants

How’s your garden looking? Jam packed? Or do you feel like there’s room for more? Jac Semmler thinks you need more plants. In fact, she thinks you need MAXIMUM PLANTS!!! Join Jac as she teaches you how to get more plants in your life. This workshop will help you to get more beauty in your garden, and with the hectic nature of modern life, we could all do with a little more beauty. Jac believes that there is no right way to garden and that all gardens should be a personal pursuit of pleasure! Jac is a crazy plant lady (more formally known as a plant specialist) and when she isn’t busy creating books like the magnificent Super Bloom, being the Gardener in Residence at the Adelaide Nature festival and being the creative director at Super Bloom Plant Practice, she can be found tending her awe inspiring garden Heartland in suburban Frankston. Check her out on instagram: @jac.semmler @superbloomau

Online Event

Saturday 15th April 2023 - 3:00pm

Take Your Garden To The Next Level!

How did your garden go this season, did it totally pump or do you feel like your patch has plateaued? If you’re ready to take the leap from beginner to intermediate, and get your patch exploding to the next level, then this is the workshop for you. Join Adam Hancock as he shows you the tips and tricks that anyone can use to get their patch going from ho-hum to holy moley! Adam is a professional gardener and passionate home grower and will share with you how he gets his plants jumping out of the ground. From how to look after your soil and choosing the best plants, to making sure that your patch keeps pumping year round! For some inspiration on how your patch could be looking, check out Adam’s work on Instagram: @adam__hancock

Online Event

Saturday 13th May 2023 - 3:00pm

Time To Get Your Subtropical Garden Singing!

As the southern states begin their descent into winter, gardeners in the Sunshine state and anywhere with a subtropical climate are gearing up for their most productive time of the year. The weather is cooling off (by QLD standards) the fruit flies are gone and the humidity is dropping. Time to get out into your patch and set yourself up for a glorious dry season garden. This workshop will be presented by the wonderful Claire Bickle. She’s a sub tropical gardener through and through and knows first hand the challenges as well as the benefits of growing food closer to the equator. She’s a horticuturalist with over 20 years experience and is passionate about growing organic food for her family in the subtropical environment. You can check out Claire’s work on instagram @clairebicklesgoodlife

Online Event

Saturday 10th June 2023 - 3:00pm

Regenerative Gardening, making the world a better place one patch at a time

No matter how big your patch is, whether it’s a few pots on a balcony or a full blown market gardener, as food growers we are powerful agents of change. Food growers create less waste and make more compost, they grew healthier food and help to build resilient communities! With a regenerative mindset, and working with nature rather than against it, it’s amazing what a difference a determined gardener can make to a landscape. Join everyone’s favourite desert gardener, Heath Joske, as he shares with you his permaculture approach to managing his patch. How he manages water, how he uses plants and how with the power of compost and seaweed, he is breathing life back into a run down old sheep paddock. For some inspiration and to see what Heath is all about, check him out on Instagram

Latest products

$10.00 -

Mini Kitchen Gardens

Join us in the Para Hills Community Hub Garden on Tuesday 21st February for a garden workshop facilitated by Chris Day from Every Day Sustainable Living. During this workshop Chris will show you the best ways to create your own movable mini kitchen garden to take home with you, filled with soil, herbs and greens. Also other hints and tips on gardening in small spaces. Cost: $10 (includes small pot and seeds to take home) 10am-12pm Bookings Eventbrite: This workshop is supported by Green Adelaide and Grow It Local and contributes to our partnership to support more people to grow food at home. Sign up to Grow It Local, for free online workshops and support.

$2.00 -

Roma Tomato Seedlings

Baldivis Community Garden Organically grown 19 available Pick up only- 4 Amberly Drive 6171

$5.00 -

Native aniseed myrtle leaves

A native Australian tree with aniseed flavoured leaves. Makes a delicious tea when leaves are soaked in water or can be added to cooking to provide a licorice like flavoured. Can be fired and powdered to increase the flavour and versatility of the ingredient.

$5.00 -

Native basil leaves

A fragrant native Australian herb that has a strong mix of flavours, reminiscent of sage thyme and basil. Makes a nice tea or an interesting addition to salads.

$5.00 -

Native bush mint bunch

Native bush mint is an Australian native alternative to mint. It has a mint like flavour with smaller leaves and is slightly peppery to taste. Makes a fanatic tea as well as replacement for mint in most dishes. Can also provide a rooted cutting of the plant if you are after a specimen to grow.

$5.00 -

Warrigal greens 200g

Bag of warrigal greens freshly harvested from the garden! Warrigal greens are a healthy Australian native that is an alternative to spinach. Blanch and use in salads, stir fries or baking. All our produce is spray free and grown with organic fertiliser only. Can also provide seedling of some of our plants - just ask and we can let you know.

$0.00 -

Seed Library

Are you keen to try something new? The Para Hills Community Hub seed library offers the opportunity for residents to access free plant seeds when available. The seeds are available to take home at no cost, the idea is that then when you grow your seeds you allow a plant to go to seed and return some into the library for our garden volunteers to sort and place back in the library. Perhaps you have excess of a certain seed , drop them in and share with your local community.

$0.00 -

Grow Free Cart

Take what you need, give what you can is the basics of the Grow Free Movement. We have a grow free cart located in the garden at Para Hills Community Hub. The cart can be accessed through the library during library open hours The Cart is a great place to find cuttings, potted plants, seeds, pots and other garden related materials.

$36.00 -

Raw organic bush honey

Raw organic bush blend homey. 3kg rich colour and flavour- with tea tree undertones. Sunshine Coast hinterland grown.

$22.00 -

Raw organic Bush Honey - Sunshine Coast 1.5kg

Sunshine grown - raw, organic bush blend honey. Rich in colour and flavour. Organic bush blend with tea tree undertones.

$12.50 -

Raw organic bush honey Sunshine Coast local 750g

Raw organic bush honey. A beautiful rich bush blend , with tea tree accents. Sunshine Coast product - raw, organic honey. 750g

$0.00 - SA, City of Salisbury

Grow Free Cart and Street Library

Our grow free cart and street library are located at the front entrance to Morella Community Centre, or inside the front foyer dependent on weather conditions. The grow free cart is available for members of the community to access free produce from the garden, seeds , cuttings and excess produce from community members. The street library allows members of the community to access free books , some donated from the City of Salisbury Libraries. Our carts are available during opening hours of the Centre



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