How to regrow spring onions & reduce food waste forever

Lets face it, spring onions rock! Whether you're cooking Singapore chilli crab, a vegetable pie or san choi wow the humble spring onion plays a key role in tying together flavours and textures we love.

But unfortunately they're also often waste when you could instead be regrowing your spring onion leftovers forever.

Yes, that's right you may never have to purchase spring onions again and here at Grow It Local reducing food waste is something we're super into.

A few simple steps is all it takes..

Step 1: Cut the bottoms off your store bought or homegrown spring onions

Step 2. Place the cuttings in a jar of water for 3-5 days until roots appear

Step 3. Plant the cuttings in a pot or garden bed of well composted soil

Step 4. Enjoy your fresh homegrown produce on-demand and available to share