Q&A with Chris Ferreira

Chris Ferreira is the Director of The Forever Project, based in Perth, WA.

With over twenty years experience and having taught well over 120,000 through his award winning programs Great Gardens and Heavenly Hectares, he has established himself as a leading authority on sustainable living in the public eye, with projects like the Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home - the only sustainable home retrofit project in WA.

Do you have a favourite garden vegetable, fruit, herb or weed of all time?

Corn – I love how quickly and big it grows and of course it tastes great

How long have you been composting and farming worms?

About 25 years

What would you say to someone that is thinking about getting a compost, worm farm or bokashi?

Understand this is like cooking – you have to have and then follow the recipe and manage the process

What would you say to someone that is thinking about growing food at home?

Remember food is only as good as the soil it is growing in and management you put into the process

Whose patch would you most like to peep and why?

Judi Dench, because I think she would bring her fierce determination to it and therefore it would be awesome to see

What’s growing on in your patch right now?

Just between crops but garlic and potatoes

Top 3 songs for the garden?

For me it is artists – Bach, Death Cab for Cutie and Pink Floyd

Anything else you’d like to add?

Gardening can be your solace, your inspiration and what you can use to recalibrate and centre your self, to reconnect and find some peace. Please make it a regular part of your life. It should be a priority like eating, sleeping and bathing!!