Q&A with Doug Purdie

How did you first get involved with gardening and growing food? Was there a pivotal experience or moment? Its always been in my blood, my grand parents were Italian and had a huge vege garden in Fremantle complete with chickens pigeons, grapes and wine shed the works

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking up growing?Just do it, its so good for the soul

What’s growing on in your patch right now? Herbs, leafy greens and a random tomato bush

What is your favourite veg to grow and why? Potatoes…just because.

Do you have a favourite native / indigenous foods you like to grow? Finger lime

Top 3 favourite veg to cook with? Any tips on using the whole vegetable to reduce food waste? Spinach, tomatoes, potatoes I planted an onion top that had sprouted last season and its grew the best young onions.

Whose patch would you most like to checkout and why? I am not patchist I love all the gardens out there.

Top 3 favourite songs to garden too? Anything really…ride of the Valkyrie if I am feeling moody or weeding..

Do you compost and if so why? No but I do have a worm farm

A favourite recipe you love? Spanakopita…I mean cheese and spinach and pastry say no more.