Council Participation Information

Why we work with councils  

Grow It Local was first conceived in 2012 in collaboration with Waverley Council. Now, across the country Grow It Local acts as a year round program which supports council’s key objectives relating to:

  • Waste education and organic waste diversion from landfill
  • Positive sustainable living behaviours and food systems
  • Community engagement and development

Our program enables local people to connect around the themes of growing, sharing and eating locally grown food; more specifically, the sharing of knowledge and skills, space, produce, seeds and seedlings, compost, food waste and more. 


Grow It Local is a grass roots, purpose driven mission to get more people growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods.

In doing so we aim to:
  • Make growing more accessible
  • Increase the production & consumption of locally grown foods
  • Provide a connection to nature
  • Inspire positive health & wellbeing
  • Help build stronger and more resilient communities
  • Increase composting and reduce organic waste to landfill
  • Do something amazing!

The heart of the program is 
  • – an online community that allows people to connect with each other both digitally and in the real world around shared our interests in growing, sharing and eating locally.
  • Personalised council dashboards - providing our council members with localised data related to growing; registered growers, composting & worm farming, weekly food waste diversion, and square meters under cultivation.
  • Council branded assets to help engage communities and bring the Grow It Local vision to life.
  • A local community events program
  • Personalised reporting to help councils evaluate the impact of our initiative in their area
  • Grow It Local Marketplace - a marketplace website for Grow It Local members to share workshops & events, products, produce, space and more. 

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