Nasturtium Seed Collection - 22nd October 2023

Nasturtium Seed Collection - 22nd October 2023
Nasturtium Seed Collection - 22nd October 2023

$5.00 / per external_link



Sunday 22nd October 2023

10:30am (AEDT) Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra
9:30am (AEST) Brisbane
10:00am (ACDT) Adelaide
7:30am (AWST) Perth
9:00am (ACST) Darwin


2 hours


135 Hawthorn Road, Burpengary


🌼 Embrace the Joy of Nature's Love of Giving Back! 🌼 Imagine a morning surrounded by the gentle rustle of leaves and the vibrant colors of Basilea Farm. We invite you to be a part of a unique and fulfilling experience as we come together to collect precious nasturtium seeds that will be stores for next year's blooms of beauty. 🌱✨ Step into this enchanting journey dressed in your favorite outdoor attire, complete with a sun hat and comfy closed shoes. Bring along your trusty water bottle and teacup, and if you're feeling extra generous, a plate to share a heartwarming morning tea. πŸ€— Get ready to be one with nature as we engage in the art of seed collecting, a delightful physical activity that might just require a bit of bending and a lot of smiles! 🌿🌸 The schedule unfolds like a magical story: 🌞 9:30 AM: Arrival & Warm Welcome 🌱 9:40 AM: Induction & Training 🌼 10:00 AM: Seed Collection Adventure Begins 🍡 11:00 AM: A Delightful Morning Tea Awaits πŸ•› 11:30 AM: Conclude with a Sense of Fulfillment To secure your spot and ensure that every moment counts, there's a nominal fee of $5 per person. This step ensures that our limited spaces are cherished by those truly committed to making a difference. Refreshments will be our treat! Indulge in aromatic teas and coffees alongside a scrumptious spread during morning tea. β˜•πŸ° And that's not all! As a token of gratitude, each dedicated helper will receive a gift of seeds and adopt a plant of your choice from Basilea Farm, a piece of this beautiful experience to cherish forever. Take this chance to make a real impact and discover the joy of nurturing life from the ground up. Have questions or brimming with excitement? Reach out to me, Sarah, at 0413241576. Let's sow the seeds of change together and watch them flourish into a tapestry of nature's wonders. 🌻🌱🌷

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