Grow It Local with Casey Joy

Grow It Local with Casey Joy
Grow It Local with Casey Joy

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Saturday 17th April 2021 - 10:00am (Rockingham, WA local time)


Face to Face workshop in Rockingham, WA. Learn how to Grow It Local with Casey Lister Pinch Dash Glug for an inspiring workshop where you can learn all about how to get the most out of your garden and explore new ideas. Casey Lister is a gardener and recipe developer who lives in a little cottage with a sprawling backyard. Five years ago she began transforming her backyard from a bed of dry couch grass into a rambling food forest, filled with fruit trees,vegetables, herbs and flowers. This experience taught her just what power we all have to shape our local ecosystem and to provide a safe haven for the birds, insects and other animals that share our gardens with us. Casey has a PhD in Psychology and is passionate about the garden’s capacity for mental and physical healing. She has written two cookbooks about seasonal cooking to encourage others to try growing - and cooking - with the seasons. Her favourite part about gardening is being able to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with others. About the talk: In this class Casey will teach the essentials of beginning your own garden, whether you are planning a veggie patch, flower garden or a mix of flowers and edibles. Casey will cover: • How to prep your soil to help your veggies grow as well as possible • How compost tumblers and worm farms can give your soil an extra boost • How to choose flowers, herbs and vegetables that are compatible with your garden conditions • The best, hardiest flowers and vegetables to plant in your first patch • Tricks for growing your own plants from seed (and how to read the backs of seed packets!) • Why it’s a good idea to let your plants go to seed and how to collect and save the seeds once they do • How to grow by the seasons (and why so many plant shops give beginner gardeners the wrong idea!) • How to bring wildlife into your garden • Companion planting for pest control • Tricks to avoid using herbicides and pesticides • And much more! Held at the Naragebup - Rockingham Regional Environment Centre, this is a free workshop that is part of the Grow It Local Rockingham program. To learn more see and sign up for free today. To book your spot contact the City on 9528 0333, email or send the City an inbox.

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