Grow It Local Seed Service - Spring 2021

Grow It Local Seed Service - Spring 2021 Grow It Local Seed Service - Spring 2021 Grow It Local Seed Service - Spring 2021
Grow It Local Seed Service - Spring 2021

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Grow It Local in partnership with a network of forward thinking councils (see list below) have launched a free 'Seed Service' that has been designed for aspiring growers by River Cottage Australia host and master grower Paul West. WHO IS IT FOR? The Seed Service is suitable for anyone interested in learning to grow who has space to grow in pots, containers, on a balcony, in a courtyard, backyard, etc. At this stage it's for folks who are new to Grow It Local. WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE? By registering for the Grow It Local - Seed Service (its FREE!) you'll receive; - our Caprese Salad range including a packet of heirloom tomato seeds & organic basil seeds which delivered direct to your door ! - four short 'how to grow' videos with Paul (one for each variety) - two deep dive articles featuring background to the varieties, nutritional info, health benefits, tricks & tips to growing success, musical recommendations and a selection of patch-to-plate recipes - access to monthly 'Ask An Expert' sessions where you can ask a question, trouble shoot and get solutions - access to monthly live workshops. For example, how to grow in pots with Paul West, an introduction to composting with Costa, how to make award winning jam with the Country Womens Association, pickling with OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn * Note: please ensure to provide your correct mailing address so we can get the seeds to you HOW TO GROW VIDEOS & DEEP DIVE ARTICLES Will be provided following registration. Get excited ! ASK AN EXPERT SESSIONS Got a question or an issue in the garden? Join our free 'Ask An Expert' sessions to trouble and get advice from a master grower live! WHO IS IT FOR? Please note that the Grow It Local - Seed Service is only available to residents, businesses, schools and community organisations in partner council areas including; NSW - Waverley Council - Woollahra Council - Randwick Council - Central Coast Council WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Town of Victoria Park - City. of Rockingham - City of Joondalup - City of Bayswater - Town of Bassendean - City of Canning QUEENSLAND - Brisbane City Council - Moreton Bay Regional Council PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING COUNCILS HAVE REACH THEIR SEED SERVICE CAPACITY & AS SUCH IS NOT LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SPRING 2021; - Central Coast Council - Moreton Bay Regional Council - Waverley Council - Woollahra Council - Randwick Council - City of Joondalup DON'T SEE YOU COUNCIL HERE? Please leave a comment in the 'Comments' section below if you'd like to see Grow It Local - Seed Service available in your community. Simply let us know why and the name of your local council, thanks! If interested you can also purchase the Caprese Edition here; OUR MISSION Grow It Local is a mission to make life healthier, happier and more delicious! We aim to help educate, inspire and enable more people to grow, share and eat locally grown food. We aim to make life WHEN CAN I EXPECT MY SEEDS? Grow It Local - Seed Service packages will be sent to registered participants from the week commencing Monday September 27, 2021. WHO CAN REGISTER? At this stage the Grow It Local - Seed Service is available to community members from our partner council who areas who aren't already a member of Grow It Local. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO? Register for the Seed Service via this page and follow us via @growitlocal on Instagram or on Facebook We also ask that you please share a pic of your crop by tagging us #growitlocal or alternatively via sending pic's to And don't hesitate to get in touch if you've got any queries or if there's anything we can do to assist. We are here and committed to helping you achieve home growing success! xx PARTICIPANT SURVEY In order to receive Grow It Local - Seed Service for free please the 'patch registration' process in signup and the short survey link that you'll receive in the confirmation email after registering. Thanks! HELP SPREAD THE LOVE! Help spread the love! Tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues to get involved !


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  • 1 year ago @Sharyn White


  • 1 year ago @Cheryl Slapp

    Maybe I am not reading this correctly - where do I go to register for the seed service - already have log in - Thanks Cheryl

  • 1 year ago @Shannon Rooney

    Hello! Just got the email from Randwick council, but the seeds already sold out - is that correct? thanks

  • 1 year ago @Nina Sharma

    Hi, just received your email and signed up for the seed service. But it says out of stock. Is that correct? Kind regards, Nina

  • 1 year ago @Christina Gibbs

    Would love some seeds.

  • 1 year ago @Christina Gibbs

    Just registered but seeds are out of stock. Disappointing.Randwick Council.

  • 1 year ago @Priti Bhatt

    I can’t see where yo request the seed service. Regs priti

  • 1 year ago @Parveen Seehra

    It is indeed disappointing that the seeds are out of stock.

  • 1 year ago @Seed Service

    Hi friends! Letting you know that the Seed Service - Caprese Edition is now stoked and ready for registrations. Enjoy!

  • 11 months ago @Kevin Armstrong

    Bateau Bay Community Garden .. trying to access free seed offer

  • 11 months ago @Antonia Leathem

    Great idea.

  • 11 months ago @Antonia Leathem

    Great idea.

  • 11 months ago @Carlene Riley

    Cheryl they want you to give all your personal details to a U.S. site - not for me!! It's a con job.

  • 11 months ago @Emily Moore

    I would love some seeds, But my council City of Stirling is not on the list. How do I go about getting the free seed offer?

  • 11 months ago @Lyndall Lynch

    Nambucca Valley council needs a seed service

  • 11 months ago @Simon Miller

    Hey. This sounds amazing. Really disappointed that Lake Macquarie council is not involved. This support would really help to inspire my young children and could be part of their home schooling during this extended lockdown.

  • 11 months ago @Margaret Thompson

    Just saw a post from my local Council and already seeds are out of stock ….. disappointing

  • 11 months ago @Samantha Wong

    Seeds are out of stock - saves you sign up.

  • 11 months ago @Colin scobie

    What about my verge garden??

  • 11 months ago @Georgina Vinton

    I am in @moreton bay regional council if there are any seed left I would love some :)

  • 11 months ago @Kerry Marrone

    Just got the notice, just registered and get the message SOLD OUT. .?

  • 11 months ago @Kaz Roebuck

    Wow. Out of stock 50 minutes after posting? Hope this isn't a scam council

  • 11 months ago @Monica Batiste

    Disappointing to sign up and see they are no longer available. Perhaps you could cease the advertisement if this is the case? Or make more seeds available?

  • 11 months ago @Melissa Reif

    I am in qld under the moreton council and it is showing out of stock! is this correcty as i thought the notification has only just gone up! cheers mel

  • 11 months ago @Wendy BUCHANAN

    good grief....just saw the post and so I registered....already out of stock......100 pkts on offer for how many ppl????

  • 11 months ago @Alice Smith

    Already out of Stock ☺️

  • 11 months ago @Rob Armstrong

    Out of Stock?

  • 11 months ago @Di baker

    Very interested but says out of stock. Would love some if mbrc gets any more

  • 11 months ago @Aimee peart


  • 11 months ago @Gaila Bagdon

    Constantly out of stock???? What is this???

  • 11 months ago @Kate Wells

    South Burnett

  • 11 months ago @Jamie Sorensen

    Out of stock Moreton Bay 😢

  • 11 months ago @Michelle Armistead

    Have you thought of offering this for a small fee when the 100 free ones are gone? I would purchase

  • 11 months ago @Amanda Ledingham

    Delaneys creek

  • 11 months ago @Jill Rushton

    Well that was a waste of time. Out of stock 4 hours after posting!

  • 11 months ago @Mel Turner

    Signed in and out of stock. Bummer

  • 11 months ago @Shirleyanne dale

    Joined up told sold out

  • 11 months ago @Karen Rowe

    Will they be restocking

  • 11 months ago @Betts Renay

    Hi will you be getting more seeds in

  • 11 months ago @Leanne Jardine

    I'm in Moreton Bay council I would love some seeds. But it's already saying out of stock.

  • 11 months ago @Seed Service

    Sorry @Leanne Jardine. The 100 free seeds were gone a few days ago for Moreton Bay.

  • 11 months ago @Seed Service

    I can see that you're also from Moreton Bay @Shirleyanne dale. Unfortunately the 100 free seeds is already sold out.

  • 11 months ago @Seed Service

    Hi @Kaz Roebuck. Definitely not a scam :) Moreton Bay seeds sold out super quickly.

  • 11 months ago @Seed Service

    If anyone is still interested, we've just made a few hundreds seeds available for purchase for $15 with free shipping:

  • 11 months ago @Jen Gallagher

    Out of stock Moreton Bay Council. Will there be more?

  • 11 months ago @Elise Kirkpatrick

    I’ve just received the email from City of Canning but the seeds are already sold out - what should I do?

  • 11 months ago @Marg Pearce


  • 11 months ago @Prunella Riddle

    Pretty underhanded to advertise free seeds and force registration then tell people the seeds are out of stock. Dissappointing click bait.

  • 11 months ago @Joanne Minson

    Please send seeds so I can plant for summer much appreciated

  • 11 months ago @Marg Pearce

    Why does it say out of stock for Canning?

  • 11 months ago @Seed Service

    Hi @Elise Kirkpatrick, we've just added 100 extra free seeds for City of Canning! Please make sure you add it to the cart and check out again as well as invite your friends to do the same! Enjoy! :)

  • 11 months ago @Seed Service

    Hi @Merg Pearce, I've just checked your profile and it seems you're registered under City of Kalamunda, and not Canning? Is it correct?

  • 10 months ago @Helen Martin

    I’m interested in the free seeds in my local area. I’m in the Joondalup Council in WA.

  • 10 months ago @Denise Berry


  • 10 months ago @Ruth Meaney

    Blue Mountains

  • 9 months ago @Sue Galt

    I'd love it if the seed service was available in my local community. as we have a lot of semi-rural properties (on the fringe of Sydney) so plenty of room to grow our own food. My local Council is Hawkesbury City Council.

  • 7 months ago @Demi Quintrell

    Hello I would really like the logan city council to have this service i live in yarrabilba and its a new area we do have a community garden but im growing my own i would love to help our local yarrabilba pantry for people in need of food as well

  • 7 months ago @Kerrie Anne Melchior

    Is the Lismore NSW Council involved in this?

  • 7 months ago @Vanessa Lake

    I’m on the Northern Rivers NSW, I think it would be a valuable resource up here and encourage small gardeners to grow their own food and be a little less reliant on supermarkets.

  • 7 months ago @Joanne Ramirez

    Maitland council would love to join

  • 7 months ago @Chris Baillie

    I live in the Burnside, South Australia, Council area which isn't listed

  • 7 months ago @Sandra Brown

    Marion council would love to see this happen especially since you posted this on Facebook

  • 7 months ago @Schania Czygan

    Love this idea of Grow it Local Seed provision, I live in Marion Council, South Australia. 5049.

  • 6 months ago @Grant LeQuesne

    Hello Grow It Local. I’d love to see my local council, Canterbury-Bankstown NSW, participating in this in 2022. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  • 6 months ago @Zoe Gomez

    Norwood South Australia

  • 6 months ago @Chris Henning

    Disappointed thought this was for SA too!