Ask An Expert - Elegant Edible Gardening

Ask An Expert - Elegant Edible Gardening Ask An Expert - Elegant Edible Gardening Ask An Expert - Elegant Edible Gardening
Ask An Expert - Elegant Edible Gardening

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In this AMA you’ll learn about creating an edible garden that is gorgeous to look at (as well as delicious to eat!). You’ll learn about growing a range of beautiful edible flowers (did you know flowers are vital to a healthy veggie garden?), selecting plants that attract beneficial insects to your veggie patch (to help protect your crops), uncovering the hidden beauty in every edibles, and tips for designing a veggie garden that is elegant as well as tasty and productive. Please post any of your patch or home growing related questions to the comments below and Casey will do her best to answer these queries during the live session. Register now for this exclusive and free, live digital session

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  • 1 year ago @Sam del Pino

    Hi, thanks for running this workshop! We are starting a community garden in Balcatta, Perth. Would love to know about edible hedges and am sure I will learn lots about how to help make our community garden look great too!

  • 1 year ago @Tatiana Carrara

    Hi, would it be possible to share links or courses where we could find more information about edible gardens in Australia 's climate 😉

  • 1 year ago @Raelene Hunt

    Will you point out which things can also be applied to building an edible garden on an apartment balcony?

  • 1 year ago @Karen Bush

    I am a beginer I live in Morley, WA, and would like to know if I should be making my garden in full sun or part shade, Morning or afternoon sun and sort of soil should I use?? thanks for reading this.

  • 1 year ago @Sharon whitbourn

    Looking forward to learning some new techniques and improving my efficiency

  • 1 year ago @Heather Ryan

    When is the best time to plant a green manure crop and to dig it in.

  • 1 year ago @Elizabeth Ecks

    How do I get on to the forum on now I registered but how do I get on Thanks

  • 1 year ago @Patricia Walters

    Sadly I missed the session as had an emergency call from my daughter. Any chance I can watch it after the event? Thanks Patricia Walters