Ask An Expert - How to grow food in pots

Ask An Expert - How to grow food in pots Ask An Expert - How to grow food in pots
Ask An Expert - How to grow food in pots

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Pressed for space but keen to grow a garden? You totally can! In this AMA you’ll learn all about growing a potted garden, including which plants do best in pots, how to select pots that are the right size for your plants, tips for keeping your soil healthy, the importance of good drainage, how to find trees that will grow in pots and a bunch of other potted tips! If you’ve got a balcony or courtyard garden, this AMA will help you get confident and inspired to grow! Register now for this exclusive and free, live digital session

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  • 1 year ago @Linda Isherwood

    Please could I ask whether there will be a recording made of the session as I will be unable to attend the live one. Thanks

  • 1 year ago @Robyn Molsher

    yes I would be interested in the recording too please as not available sat

  • 1 year ago @Linda Thompson

    I find that I have trouble growing things like spinach and lettuce in pots. They just sit there and sulk at the same size. I give them sunny position and use premium potting mix, but end up having to put them in the raised garden beds, as I just don't get any real growth

  • 1 year ago @Tatiana Carrara

    Yes please 🙏 what it the link to see the recorded session

  • 9 months ago @Dee Carter

    I really loved and learnt so much from this, thank you