Ask An Expert - How to grow from seed

Ask An Expert - How to grow from seed Ask An Expert - How to grow from seed Ask An Expert - How to grow from seed
Ask An Expert - How to grow from seed

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This workshop is available on demand only


This video is now available On-Demand. Growing from seed is one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of being a home gardener, and it helps save you money too! In this AMA you’ll learn all the secrets for seed sowing success from our in-house expert Casey Lister, you’ll find out what the most common seed-sowing mistakes are (and how to fix them) and you’ll learn how to save, store and sow your own seeds year after year.

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  • 1 year ago @Alicia Giles

    I tried added this workshop and the relish one but it wont complete the request. gets caught in the processing phase. Help please!!!

  • 1 year ago @Darla Vanrusselhof

    Brand new to this concept. Hoping to learn how to grow my own fruit and veggies from scratch!

  • 1 year ago @Michael McAulay

    It’s not showing a register screen. Can we still join in for this workshop please

  • 1 year ago @Caralyn Wiles

    No register button showing, can I still attend the virtual workshop?

  • 1 year ago @Virginia MMoncrieff

    wont let me register!!!

  • 1 year ago @Ralph Stacey

    Trying to register, but no link to register??

  • 1 year ago @Angela Robinson

    I can't register either

  • 1 year ago @Fiona Grech

    Same no link to register!

  • 1 year ago @Margret Leslie

    Same no link to register!

  • 1 year ago @Heather Hysted

    I'd love to register too.

  • 1 year ago @Kathy Hassall

    Hi Casey, how can you determine if the seeds saved from purchased seedlings are viable i.e. not modified to not reproduce. I do try to buy heritage seedlings but would like to know if others are viable. Thanks, Kathy

  • 1 year ago @Gardening Team

    No register button???

  • 1 year ago @Paul Worth

    Same as above no register button :-)

  • 1 year ago @Kathy Regan

    same as below not showing register button once I've logged in

  • 1 year ago @Sharon Burke

    Is this sold out? I can't register?

  • 1 year ago @Tara Madden

    There’s no ability to register.

  • 1 year ago @Laura Sudano

    I can’t see a register link anywhere

  • 1 year ago @Natalya Giffney

    Maybe it's at capacity

  • 1 year ago @Natalya Giffney

    Maybe it's at capacity

  • 1 year ago @Kym Loechel

    I tried to register but it won't let me

  • 1 year ago @Grow it Local

    Hello all! Sorry for the confusion - confirming that tickets are still available and the 'ADD TO CART' button should now be working for you to register to the event. Cheers, Grow It Local 🥦

  • 1 year ago @Joanne Ridge

    Trouble registering for the seeds class. Help please

  • 1 year ago @Eleanor Meyer

    me too spent time inputting all the info and stopped at processing

  • 1 year ago @Clare Carmichael

    My seedlings germinate and then grow a very small amount then stop growing. It doesn’t seem to make any difference what time of year or what I planned, this always happens. Can you help me please!

  • 1 year ago @Clare Carmichael

    Where do I listen to/watch the workshop please. I can’t seem to find any information on how you how to do this. I have registered for the sea growing one tomorrow but I don’t know how to watch it or listen to it

  • 1 year ago @Robby 🐝 Smith

    I have the most trouble getting lettuce and chervil seeds to germinate. I'd love to know the secret

  • 1 year ago @Robby 🐝 Smith

    Germinating lettuce and chervil are the seeds I have the most problem with. I’d love to know what the trick to this is.

  • 1 year ago @Robby 🐝 Smith

    Where is the link for the workshop Ask An Expert - How to grow from seed ? ? ? I’ve got an email with an order number but no link to the workshop ? GIL10906

  • 1 year ago @Grow it Local

    Hello everyone! We're having some problems with our email delivery system . As a result some of you may not be receiving the email with the link. As the workshop will happen in a couple of hours, here is a link to it: Live zoom login: Enjoy and see you all in a couple of hours! 🥦

  • 1 year ago @Bruce Walsh

    I've registered, but no link. How do we get into the workshop?

  • 1 year ago @David Watts

    Hi, I have registered and was emailed confirmation but can't find an access link in the confirmation or on the GIL site for this event. I may well be male refrigerator blindness but could you please point me in the right direction. Many thanks

  • 1 year ago @Sharon Lee Miller

    how do I access the workshop after buying?

  • 1 year ago @Libby Barry

    I have registered but not received a link. Thank you

  • 1 year ago @Libby Barry

    I have registered but not received a link. Thank you

  • 1 year ago @David Watts

    Found the link in this chat, a couple of posts above my last one :-)