Ask An Expert - How to improve your soil

Ask An Expert - How to improve your soil Ask An Expert - How to improve your soil
Ask An Expert - How to improve your soil

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Ask any seasoned gardener and they will tell you that healthy soil is the key to a healthy garden. In this AMA hosted by our inhouse expert Casey Lister you’ll learn all about maximising the health of your soil. You’ll discover which soil amendments are actually worth your time and money (and which you shouldn’t bother with), why regular mulching is vital for healthy soil, how to use grit and clay to improve your soil structure, why you shouldn’t leave garden beds un-planted and why you don’t really need to worry about digging or weeding your garden. Please post any of your patch or home growing related questions to the comments below and Casey will do her best to answer these queries during the live session. Register now for this exclusive and free, live digital session

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  • 1 year ago @trish wissell

    I have an issue with the soil in my raised beds becoming hydrophobic

  • 1 year ago @janet france

    I am always confused by which things to add and when for fruit trees and vegetables . Potash , blood and bone , lime - when to add , how often and which plants ?

  • 1 year ago @christine lucas

    I would like to know if it is best to cut weeds off with a serrated knife just below the surface , hoe or pull the weed out roots and all . Green Manure ?slash and drop.cut below the surface or dig up and turn in .Compost on the soil and then mulched or dug in ? I live in a very dry zone . rainfall 300 to 400 ml per yr and almost all in winter . and finally what to add to the soil in wicking beds to feed the microbes ?

  • 1 year ago @Christene McKinnon

    I have raised veggie gardens 3-4 years old. Started with a purchased veggie mix and mushroom compost. Have added own compost lucerne mulch some horse poo my problem is the pH in all beds is around 7-7.5-8. Not sure what my best course if action is works appreciate any help you can give. Thanks

  • 1 year ago @Claire Hermans

    If my soil has plenty of worms, is this a sign that I don't need to add any fertiliser?

  • 1 year ago @Arna Eyers-White

    What is best soil composition for wicking beds?

  • 1 year ago @Sam Powrie

    Hi, I'm a long-time composter growing in 90 year old fixed raised beds built on what is essentially a beach-sand base in a smallish back yard in coastal Adelaide. I've bulk composted for years using a tank ring & dozens of bags of horse manure, coffee grounds & lawn clippings annually. I generally mulch using shredded sugar cane leaves. My soils are still quite sandy but this approach has seen them become much more water-friendly & productive with plenty of soil life, worms etc. Tomatoes, eggplants & perpetual spinach seem to do fine but I'm still having significant problems growing other brassicas, leeks & spring onions, rhubarb, chillis etc - stunted growth, plants fading away after planting & citrus just not fruiting or 'going' anywhere. Are there any other strategies I could try specific to improving productivity & plant health on my sandy soils. Although I've been composting for years I must admit that I've only recently discovered & started to use amendments such as Seamungus, Powerfeed etc with my current garlic crop. So I have limited experience with 'fertilisers' per se. I do notice that other local gardeners with much more sun-exposed gardens seem to do much better (so maybe my shade trees are an issue).... Any advice much appreciated!

  • 1 year ago @Michelle Cook

    I have quite a large garden (front and back). Having tested the soil im sitting around 8.5ph plus a lot of areas are hydrophobic (it wasn’t looked after by the previous owners). I have started to add minerals, dynamic lifter, compost, soil wetter and now sulphar to some areas, but can’t afford to pay for the large amounts I would need across all of my garden beds. Is there a better and cheaper way to solve the issue?

  • 1 year ago @Janice Keynton

    Following Casey's session, does anyone know where to get clay? (I've tried local garden supplies provider and Bunnings...) I'm in Melbourne...

  • 1 year ago @Jodie Pearce

    How do I improve clay soil