Ask An Expert with Casey Lister - Patch Design

Ask An Expert with Casey Lister - Patch Design Ask An Expert with Casey Lister - Patch Design
Ask An Expert with Casey Lister - Patch Design

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This workshop is available On-Demand. Theme: Design your patch 101 - tips for landscaping your edible garden Often the hardest part about gardening is knowing where to begin. Where should you grow your veggies for the biggest, healthiest crop? Where should the trees go? What about the paths? If you’re just starting your garden journey and are facing a big, empty patch of lawn it can be totally intimidating trying to decide where everything should go. Or maybe you’ve been gardening for a while and you just aren’t sure what to change, move or improve? In this AMA, I’ll be tackling all your edible garden landscaping questions, offering advice on making sure you plant for success and how to ensure your veggies, herbs and flowers get just the right amount of sunlight, water and nutrients from your soil.


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  • 1 year ago @Emilee Deal

    What do you recommend to do if you’re renting and your landlord does not approve a new garden bed? Emilee :)

  • 1 year ago @Erin Matheson

    Can you recommend how I can overcome a south facing balcony? I'm currently growing leafy greens and herbs with mixed results.

  • 1 year ago @Maki Hayamizu

    Could you please recommend what we can grow in shady areas?

  • 1 year ago @Karin Vogel

    Could you give some tips on how to do trellis that are esthetically pleasing? I love reusable materials but the looks are important to the people I share the garden with :) I've got grapes vines growing like mad and need to come up with a plan for them :)

  • 1 year ago @sarah norris

    Would love to know some tips with growing veggies in clay soil.

  • 1 year ago @MARIJA OREL

    I have some raised garden beds and the soil recommended by the nursery where I purchased the beds just does not hold any moisture - what would you recommend I add to the soil to help it along?

  • 1 year ago @Grow it Local

    What type of wood would you recommend for a raised garden bed that will last longer? I know it will rot over time, but can I do something to help on that?

  • 1 year ago @Dani Haski

    Hi... I've got a narrow area that I'm hoping to build a two tier patch into. It's only 90cm deep, and sits at the edge of our parking area so I can't have anything really cascading out of it. My plan is to build two terraced boxes about 2 meters long - one 40cm x 80am, the other 50 x 50 - and put a subpod mini in the middle of the lower one to replace my worm farm and create a little seat - then plant herbs and lettuces on the lower one and rotate the top one. My plan is to put a mesh trellis at the back so I can grow climbers like beans and tomatoes but the whole thing will be pretty compact. Given the space is so limited, what do I need to consider with regard to things like seasonal rotation and maintenance? Cheers, Dani :-)

  • 1 year ago @Jill Robinson

    I understand that you grow gooseberries. Is it possible to do this in Sydney? What are your growing tips?

  • 1 year ago @Stacey Adams

    First thing do to when moving to a new home and wanting to start a food garden for the first time

  • 1 year ago @Sarah Wallace

    Is it a good idea to fill a garden bed instead of trying to space things out to give room for growth?

  • 1 year ago @Judith Manion

    How do we watch the workshop today?

  • 1 year ago @Judith Manion

    How do I tune in to the live session?

  • 1 year ago @Judith Manion

    How do I tune in to the live session?

  • 1 year ago @Julie Truong

    HI , I missed this event unfortunately . Is it recorded ?

  • 1 year ago @Kim De Bruis

    Everything bolts in the warmer seasons?