Grow It Local Seed Service - Garden Salad Edition

Grow It Local Seed Service - Garden Salad Edition Grow It Local Seed Service - Garden Salad Edition Grow It Local Seed Service - Garden Salad Edition
Grow It Local Seed Service - Garden Salad Edition

$8.99 / per unit




Be a part of Grow It Local's Seed Service and learn to grow a classic garden salad this spring alongside thousands of other aspiring growers across Australia. Join us for a patch-to-plate adventure with broadcaster, author, chef and River Cottage Australia host Paul West as we celebrate this timeless classic. Did you know that the garden salad was popularised in ancient Rome circa 1st century. It first appeared in the form of raw leafy vegetables covered in salty, oily dressing and indeed, the word salad originated from ‘sal’ the Latin word for salt. Sign-up today for $8.99 and receive two packets of easy-to-grow organic lettuce seeds delivered direct to your door and instructional how-to-grow videos from @_paul_west_ . You’ll learn about the plant origins, nutritional value, tricks and tips to growing success, harvesting recommendations and recipe ideas too. It's your very own seed-to-salad adventure! WHOSE THIS FOR Seed Service is for anyone interested in growing or learning to grow, whether in pots on a balcony, in a courtyard, community garden, school patch or in a backyard. WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE 1. Two packets of organic seeds including delicious green buttercrunch and red lettuce salad bowl varieties 2. Instructional how-to-grow videos from Paul West accessible via QR-code on the back of each seed pack. The videos cover the plants origins, nutritional benefits, tips and tricks to growing success, and wait for to grow to recommendations. Oh yeah.... 3. You'll also receive garden salad recipes from Paul West and an opportunity to join a monthly Ask An Expert session to troubleshoot, ask questions and get advice 4. An invitation to join an exclusive 'Learn how to grow a garden salad' kickoff workshop live with Paul West 5. An invitation to grow-along with thousands of other aspiring growers across Australia SUPER IMPORTANT Make sure the mailing address you give us is 100% correct so we can get your Seed Service package to you WHEN CAN I EXPECT MY SEEDS Seed Service packages will be with be you week commencing 12th September, 2022. For any other queries please contact us via Can you dig it?!


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