How to Grow Food In A Tough Climate, with Heath Joske

How to Grow Food In A Tough Climate, with Heath Joske How to Grow Food In A Tough Climate, with Heath Joske
How to Grow Food In A Tough Climate, with Heath Joske

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No matter where you are in Australia, growing during the height of summer can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Gardeners are an ingenious lot and with a little know-how, you can keep your garden pumping even when the sun is belting down. Join desert growing guru and Costa Georgiadis’ surfing stunt double, Heath Joske for this deep dive into what you can do to look after your garden when the temperature starts to soar and water is at a premium. When he’s not taking on global fossil fuel giants, being a Hollywood surfing stunt double or pulling into cavernous Southern Ocean barrels, Heath can be found tending his patch with his young family on SA’s Eyre Penisula. Whether you live in a hot, dry climate or not, this style of gardening has massive ramifications in a future with a warming climate and unpredictable rainfall. You’ll be amazed at what Heath is growing in conditions that would have most gardeners pulling their hair out. Check out Heath’s work on Instagram This workshop is now available on-demand, for you to watch whenever suits you best. Sign up below (or log in, if you're already a Grow It Local member) to get instant access.

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  • 8 months ago @Sharon Bailey

    Great presentation 😊

  • 8 months ago @Samara O'Sullivan

    Thank you for this video you gave me some great ideas to make my garden work better in hot summers. Question wicking beds or drip system cheaper which may last longer?

  • 7 months ago @Jess McDonald

    Thanks heaps. So good to hear from people doing it in more challenging circumstances. As a fellow SA country, limestone alkaline soils gardener, I sometimes find it quite frustrating that the bulk of educational resources in Permaculture come from places that have ideal climates and soil types. You make me want to increase my worm farms and I wonder whether a worm farm that has a large amount of water going through it might have worm juice come out with a lower intensity, as though it had been diluted, as apposed to one that only get water put through when it's looking a bit dry.

  • 7 months ago @Jess McDonald

    and a quick question. Do you have an oil trap on your grey water output and I presume you have a pump to pump the grey water up that white output pipe?