Eco Heroes Club 2020

Eco Heroes Club 2020
Eco Heroes Club 2020

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Sunday 4th October 2020 - 1:30pm (Randwick, NSW local time)




At Eco Heroes, our 6 to 11 year olds participate in hands-on eco-activities that are fun... whether that's making a video, planting vegetables in the garden, learning about the wildlife critters we share Randwick with, learning about worms and compost or making art from recycled materials.

"My daughter absolutely LOVES attending these classes. She is a enthralled by the content and talks about them for weeks afterwards."

** We also run PermaBee community gardening on Sunday morning. Click here for more information.

Program for 2020

Mar 1 - Yoga for Sustainability
April 5 - Preserving food
May 3 - All about native stingless solitary bees
June 7 - Aboriginal Astronomy
July 5 - All about renewables and energy
Aug 2 - TBC
Sep 6 - TBC
Oct 4 - All about birds 
Nov 1 - Toy swap party and decluttering 
Dec 6 - Local bush tucker tour

Past Eco Heroes Club meetings:

October 4 : All About Birds

Eco heroes go birding! Randwick Environment Park is a superb haven for wildlife, including many beautiful species of birds. From wiggly Wagtails to swooping Swallows .... we’ll discover the wonderful world of birds through fun activities to help identify them by sight and sound. 

Please wear closed shoes, a hat, and sunscreen, and bring a raincoat if needed and binoculars if you have them.

Nov 1 - Toy Swap Party

Ever wish you could magically swap your boring old toys for exciting new ones? You can at this fun activity that you can repeat at home or your school. Join us to turn de-cluttering into a fun activity that kids can do with their friends. We'll learn about the different materials that are used to make toys, and what happens when toys are put in the garbage and sent to landfill. Then kids will run their own Toy Swap Party.Kids are invited to bring up to 3 of their best toys that they're no longer playing with, and swap them for new toys. Please ensure toys are clean and in good condition. No electrical items.

Dec 6 - Bush Tucker Tour

Come 'on-country' with Tim Ella, a traditional man of the Yuin Nation, on the wetlands of Dharawal (coastal Sydney). Participants will begin their experience with a welcome to the country and an Ochre ceremony to be welcomed onto Mother Earth and to learn about the land. Students will taste samples of bush tucker straight from the wetlands themselves and learn about native plants and their uses to the Indigenous people. We will look at the birds, eels and fish that populated the wetlands and their importance to the local people.

These wetlands were of great importance to the Yuin people they were their supermarket, their hardware store and their chemist.

Come learn about the oldest surviving culture on Earth right on your back doorstep.

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