PermaBee - Interactive Online Workshops

PermaBee - Interactive Online Workshops
PermaBee - Interactive Online Workshops

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Join us online in the award-winning permaculture garden each Friday afternoon and learn skills under expert guidance in a friendly setting.

Winter Program

Gardening on the Wildside

Learn how to create garden homes for tiny native bees, frogs, insects, fairy wrens, blue tongue lizards and other creatures using low maintenance garden techniques that mimic nature and which can provide hours of enjoyment using native Australian plants.

Gardening on the Wildside is available as a complete ten week course for face to face participants or as individual sessions via zoom (see below).

  • July 24 - Site Analysis
  • July 31 - Ecosystems and Food Webs
  • Aug 7 - Native Bees - with expert Gavin Smith
  • Aug 14 - Native Birds - with expert Renee Ferster Levy
  • Aug 21 - Frogs and Lizards - with expert Matt Leary
  • Aug 28 - Preparing the Soil
  • Sept 4 - Design Process
  • Sept 11 - Nursery and propagation - with expert Dave Bateman
  • Sept 18 - Planting Out - in combination with Eco Living Online
  • Sept 25 - Ongoing Management

* * Each workshop is recorded and you may appear in the published video. Recordings of past topics can be found on Council's youtube channel under the PermaBee playlist.


We also run this as a face to face program with an additional hour of hands-on activity after the zoom session finishes. This is currently limited to eight live participants. You can register here.


Recordings of past topics can be found on Council's youtube channel under the PermaBee playlist.


Before the afternoon workshops, you are welcome to come gardening with us Friday mornings from 9:00am to 12:30pm and help us plant, weed, and compost. We share a cosy morning tea together and socialise and at the end of each day, you'll share in the bounty of any harvest!

You will work as a team and gain expert guidance from landscape architect Steve Batley, and sustainability educator Julian Lee. Over the course of a year, there is the opportunity to learn specialist skills like pruning, grafting and seed saving.

PermaBees work in the purpose built permaculture garden at Randwick Sustainability Hub.

For more information click here.

Spring Program

Growing Big in Small Spaces

Small spaces can yield big results when productive gardens are designed according to permaculture principles. With many of us with limited space, this practical course led by permaculture expert and landscape architect Steve Batley, will help you grow more than you thought possible.

  • Oct 16 - Permaculture principles - Observation
  • Oct 23 - Design planning - sector analysis & zone planning
  • Oct 30 - No waste - compost and worm farming
  • Nov 6 - Plants, Soil and Bacteria - Guilds
  • Nov 13 - Propagation - Seeds and cuttings
  • Nov 20 - Propagation - Transplanting
  • Nov 27 - Water conservation - Wicking Beds
  • Dec 4 - Small spaces - Vertical and aquaponics
  • Dec 11 - Small spaces - Containers and microgreens
  • Dec 18 - Pest management - plant health and predators

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