Area under cultivation 800,093 m2
Food waste diversion 5465 kg/week

Grow It Local Live

Saturday 19th June 2021 - 12:00pm

Digital Event - Learn How to Make An Instant Garden Bed with Peg Davies

In this exclusive session, get excited to learn some practical tips and tricks about how to create an Instant Garden Bed. Peg will use materials usually disposed of in the lime green lid Food Organics and Garden Organics bin (FOGO) , gardening on the cheap! Peg will also discuss which vegetables should be used to enjoy delicious homegrown produce. This event will be held in Perth, local time 10am. Thanks to our partner Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council for hosting this event.

Friday 25th June 2021 - 1:00pm

Ask Me Anything - AMA with Paul West (River Cottage Australia)

Got a burning edible gardening related question, need advice or got an issue to troubleshoot? Join us for a monthly AMA where you ask the questions and our expert grower provides the answers. Can you dig it?! xx

Saturday 17th July 2021 - 3:00pm

An introduction to permaculture & how it can benefit your garden with Pip Magazine's Robyn Rosenfeldt

Learn about permaculture from the Robyn Rosenfeldt founder and author of PIP, Australia’s most awesome permaculture magazine. Robyn will provide an introduction to permaculture principles and talk through ways in which you can apply permaculture concepts to enhance your edible garden. Register now for this exclusive, free, live digital session ! Checkout PIP via

Workshops and Events

Saturday 19th June 2021 - 10:00am

Learn How To Make An Instant Garden Bed With Peg Davies

In this exclusive session, get excited to learn some practical tips and tricks about how to create an Instant Garden Bed. Peg will use materials usually disposed of in the lime green lid Food Organics and Garden Organics bin (FOGO) , gardening on the cheap! Peg will also discuss which vegetables should be used to enjoy delicious homegrown produce. Come along Saturday, 19 June 2021 Bassendean Memorial Library 46 Old Perth Rd, Bassendean WA 6054 From 10:00am to 11:00am Easy steps required to register: - Sign up to Grow It Local - Click add to cart, at the bottom of the page, to reserve your spot for this FREE, exclusive, limited capacity live event. For any issue please contact us via or call us 08 9424 2248

Latest products

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Crucifix Orchid - Purple (Epidendrum ibaguense) - Pick up only

Common Name: Crucifix Orchid - Purple Scientific Name: Epidendrum ibaguense Crucifix Orchids have tough leathery leaves and long, thin stems with long lasting clusters of flowers. The common name refers to the lip of the flower called the labellum, which resembles a small cross. Great beginner's orchid - tough and easy to grow. Did you know?: Epidendrum ibaguense has edible flowers, leaves that taste of watermelon and can be chewed like bubblegum! NOTE: Many orchid flowers are edible, but do not eat artificially coloured blooms. Crucifix orchids (star orchids, Epidendrum ibaguense) are delightful orchids from Central and South America. The tiny crisp flowers resemble coloured stars. They transport well, they don't bruise and store well in a covered container for over a week.

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Strawberry Pineberry (Fragaria x ananassa 'Pineberry') - Pick up only

The word “pineberry” is a fusion of the words “pineapple” and “strawberry” and refers to a relatively new pale pink or pale orange to white strawberry cultivar that is adorned with red achenes. Pineberries are descendants of the strawberries native to North America, Fragaria virginiana, and strawberries native to Chile, Fragaria chiloensis. They are not genetically modified, nor are they somehow a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry. The biggest difference between red strawberries and Pineberries is the fruit. Pineberry plants yield white- to pinkish-hued fruits that start out green. Pink blush may be more prominent on fruit that gets more sun exposure. The fruit has a pleasantly pineapple aroma and taste, and is smaller than most modern domestic garden strawberries. Due to its appearance, the Pineberry fruit is also less appealing to birds than red strawberries. They can produce on their own but will produce even better planted with red strawberries as a pollinator.

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Vietnamese Mint (Persicaria odorata) - Pick up only

Common Name: Vietnamese Mint, Vietnamese Coriander, Laksa Leaf Scientific Name: Persicaria odorata Vietnamese Mint is a creeping, herbaceous perennial that grows from 15-30cm high, but it has been reported to grow up to 80cm in ideal conditions. It is vigorously spreading herb, has an assertive flavour, being piquant, peppery and intensely fragrant. You can harvest fresh leaves and stems as you need them for cooking or to use as health supplements. The plant recovers well and you will have a constant supply, so there is no need to dry and store the leaves. The leaves are widely used in cooking and also have some traditional medicinal uses.

$8.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) - Pick up only

Common Name: Pineapple Sage Scientific Name: Salvia elegans Pineapple sage is an herbaceous perennial with scarlet red flowers, growing 1.2 to 1.5 meters. The leaves remain scented all year and crushing them releases the best scent. Pineapple sage is a short-day plant, which means it requires a longer period of darkness and flowers as the days grow shorter, it starts flowering Autumn and continue through Winter. It is a great butterfly and bird attractant. The leaves have medicinal properties and are also edible. Also it's only real use in cooking is as a fresh edible flower. The flowers are reminiscent of Honeysuckle and make a colorful addition to salads, fruit cocktails or any garnish. They are particularly attractive with yellow or green bell pepper. They can be sugared and used to garnish cakes or cookie platters.

$10.00 -

Grape Vinegar

Homemade Grape Vinegar

$10.00 -


Homemade kimchi

$0.00 - Strathfield South, NSW

Avocados to swap

Organically grown Hass avocados from my 15 yo tree. Medium sized. Looking to swap for: eggs honey lemons berries broccoli Apples Limes Onions potatoes carrots mandarins Strathfield area, Sydney.

$12.00 - Cambewarra, NSW

Macadamia Nuts raw

Raw macadamia nuts from our big tree. Pesticide free Bundled in 1kg bags

$2.00 - Bendigo, VIC

Jerusalem Artichoke seed tubers

Jerusalem are a nutty tuburous vegetable which has nothing to do with Jerusalem. Their name is derived from the Italian word for sunflower, which they are. Plant in winter and spring and once the flowers appear in late summer, pinch them off so that the plant will focus its energy on the tubers. After letting them be touched by a frost, dig up only what you need in the next day or two. They do not store well, but will keep in the ground until you need them. You can sauté, roast, mash, or make chips out of them. Essentially, you use them as you would a potato. Total of six seed artichokes in each pack.

$1.00 -

White tumeric

Minimum 20g tumeric pieces. Freshly harvested and no synthetic chemicals used in the growth process.

$2.50 - Bendigo, VIC

Warrigal Greens seeds

Australia’s native answer to spinach. Though it must be cooked before consumption to dispel oxalic acid, this is my preferred spinach. The thick leaves are made for stir fry, pastas, anything where you want a spinach that won’t wilt. The plant is perennial and a fantastic groundcover for a fruit tree or any plant. The leaves will ramble and the growth rate is astonishing once it is established.

$1.00 -

Garlic Chive Seeds

Available on request, Garlic Chive seeds



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