Area under cultivation 801,334 m2
Food waste diversion 5697 kg/week

Grow It Local Festival

Saturday 21st August 2021 - 3:00pm

How to use permaculture principles to grow delicious food at home

Join Fiona Blackham from Gaia Permaculture and Permaculture West for an action-orientated session of how you can apply permaculture principles to grow delicious food at home. Fiona is the founder of Gaia Permaculture in Western Australia and runs regular workshops on all things permaculture and home grown. To book a private consultation or for more info visit

Saturday 11th September 2021 - 12:00pm

Learn how to build a verge garden with Costa

In this super instructive & fun-filled session Costa will teach us how to build a verge garden from scratch. We'll cover everything from patch design, getting your soil right, selecting what to grow and the benefits of home growing on the verge. You'll also have an opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand all about his new book 'Costasworld' Tickets are limited so register now & join. us for this exclusive, live digital workshop with master grower, friend and all round plant lover Costa. * Note: consult your local council' before embarking on a verge garden of your ow. Guidelines and legislation varies across states and territories.

Saturday 25th September 2021 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert with Casey Lister - Patch Design

Theme: Design your patch 101 - tips for landscaping your edible garden Often the hardest part about gardening is knowing where to begin. Where should you grow your veggies for the biggest, healthiest crop? Where should the trees go? What about the paths? If you’re just starting your garden journey and are facing a big, empty patch of lawn it can be totally intimidating trying to decide where everything should go. Or maybe you’ve been gardening for a while and you just aren’t sure what to change, move or improve? In this AMA, I’ll be tackling all your edible garden landscaping questions, offering advice on making sure you plant for success and how to ensure your veggies, herbs and flowers get just the right amount of sunlight, water and nutrients from your soil. Post your question in the comments section below and I'll provide an answer during the live session. See you there !

Saturday 16th October 2021 - 3:00pm

From novice veggie grower to habitat warrior, food for yourself and others with Sabrina Hahn

Shared spaces are cared for spaces so let's all get involved and grow not just for ourselves but give back to nature. Share a veggie space with a pollinator, encourage a bird to your balcony, treat your verge to a makeover, grow food and give a frog a home. Sabrina Hahn is a whole lot of Hort with Heart – master gardener, horiculturalist with a passion for the creation of sustainable environments that make cities more liveable. Her aim is to make gardening an entertaining pastime and educate listeners in the important of creating biodiversity in their own backyards. She believes gardeners have a role to play in becoming caretakers of sustainable landscapes that allows other species to thrive. Sabrina has shared her passion for green spaces on ABC radio for 30 years, is a published author with three books under her belt and is a highly entertaining public speaker.

Saturday 30th October 2021 - 3:00pm

Ask An Expert with Casey Lister - Organic Gardening

Theme: Organic gardening methods (including soil health, encouraging beneficial insects and birds to your garden as a form of natural pest control and why to avoid sprays and pesticides) What do rainforests, native bushland and desert oases have in common? They don’t need pesticides in order to thrive! And yet for some reason we’re always told that we need to use ‘pest control’ methods in our gardens. We’re advised to use sprays to kill aphids, put fungicides on our roses and scatter snail pellets around our lettuces. But what if none of that was really necessary?? In this session, I’ll be answering all of your questions about organic approaches to gardening based on my experiences in my own garden, which is totally pesticide- herbicide- and fungicide-free (and don’t worry, it’s not infested with anything!). Post your questions in the comments section below and I'll provide an answer during the live session. See you there !

Saturday 13th November 2021 - 3:00pm

Homegrown with Paul West !

Learn how to grow an abundance of delicious, nutrient-dense produce at home in this super practical session with Paul West. Paul will talk us through techniques for making the most of your space, access to sunlight, how to decide what to plant and some tips & tricks to maximising your harvest. We'll also get to hear about Paul's new book release in this super exclusive, live digital workshop. Tickets are limited so register now to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday 30th November 2021 - 7:00pm

Ask An Expert with Casey Lister - Prepping your summer garden

There: Prepping your summer garden (including best vegetables for a summer veg patch, how to protect your garden in the heat and jobs for the summer garden) Summer is finally approaching and there’s plenty to do around our gardens! For the edible veggie grower, summer is one of the most exciting times of year and the possibilities for delicious homegrown veg are huge! Tomatoes, basil, zucchinis, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, stone fruit, rhubarb and more! With a little planning and thought, our summer gardens can be real places of productivity and joy. In this session I’ll be discussing all the jobs to get started on in your garden to prepare it for summer and answering you questions about how to make sure your garden thrives under the hot blue sky.

Latest products

$10.00 -

Mother-in-law's tongue/ Snake plant

Plants from $10

$15.00 -

Potted mother-in-law's tongue/ snake plant

Dracaena trifasciata is commonly called "mother-in-law's tongue""snake plant". It is used predominantly as an ornamental plant, outdoors in warmer climates, and indoors as a houseplant in cooler climates It is popular as a houseplant because it is tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering; during winter it needs only one watering every couple of months. It will rot easily if overwatered.It is commonly recommended to beginners interested in cultivating houseplants for its easy care. Sourced from Wikipedia.

$50.00 -

Devil's Ivy

Established devil's ivy in a pot that will make a great gift.

$1.00 -

Daffodils 🌼

Fresh cut daffodils 🌼 picked to order

$5.00 - Cremorne Point, NSW

Homemade Chutney, Relish, Marmalade & Citrus Cleaner

Chutney - Spicy Apple, Tomato, Red Capsicum & Chilli Chutney; Non-Spicy Apple &Tomato Chutney (small/medium jar is $5, large jar is $9) Red Onion Relish (small/medium jar is $5) Cumquat Marmalade (300ml jar is $5) Citrus Cleaner (bottle is $2)

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Wild Cabbage - Perennial (Brassica oleracea ssp) - Pick up only

Wild cabbage is a rare plant of sea cliffs, a tough perennial vegetable and herb. Leaves edible raw or cooked and can be harvested most of the year round. Seeds and leaves also have medicinal qualities, having excellent health qualities. Leaves are cartiotonic and stomachic, also can be used as poultice to cleanse infected wounds. Wild cabbage is a very ancient, original form of cabbage, which has been cultivated since at least Greek and Roman times, but probably longer than that. This is the ancestor of the modern brassicas; common cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale and kohlrabi. Grow as you would common cabbage, and does well in most garden soils. It also grows very well in coastal gardens. Excess leaves are also a good source of greens for poultry and other animals

$10.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Strawberry - Muskberry / Bubblegum (Fragaria moschata) - Pick up only

A high yielding European heirloom variety with fragnant, soft pink strawberry fruits. It is sweet tasting in flavour with a bubblegum / mixed berry undertone. This heirloom variety was popular in 19th century and referenced in Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma’ Sensational on their own, also great to use in jams, cakes and ice-creams.

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Strawberry - Strasberry (Pick-up only)

Strasberry is a type of strawberry, which is small, approximately the size of raspberry and almost round. The strasberry produces plump, juicy deep seeded fruit, raspberry like in appearance. Its deep red colour is richer than regular strawberry and inner flesh is also deep red, intensely sweet and pleasantly tart with a mild raspberry flabour and a rich juice content Strasbery is not a hybrid fruit and most likely a wild strawberry variety that has naturally developed some raspberry-like qualities. Requires a red strawberry to pollinate.

$150.00 -

IBC Wicking Bed Kit

$150 Wicking Bed Kits. All kits Include: All required plumbing (Inlet pipe, adjustable overflow outlet, geotextile fabric, length of slotted drain pipe) and a pallet for extra height. Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 Please message with any questions including how many wicking beds your interested in and your delivery location. We are also available on: Facebook Page: Website:

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Crucifix Orchid - Purple (Epidendrum ibaguense) - Pick up only

Common Name: Crucifix Orchid - Purple Scientific Name: Epidendrum ibaguense Crucifix Orchids have tough leathery leaves and long, thin stems with long lasting clusters of flowers. The common name refers to the lip of the flower called the labellum, which resembles a small cross. Great beginner's orchid - tough and easy to grow. Did you know?: Epidendrum ibaguense has edible flowers, leaves that taste of watermelon and can be chewed like bubblegum! NOTE: Many orchid flowers are edible, but do not eat artificially coloured blooms. Crucifix orchids (star orchids, Epidendrum ibaguense) are delightful orchids from Central and South America. The tiny crisp flowers resemble coloured stars. They transport well, they don't bruise and store well in a covered container for over a week.

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Strawberry Pineberry (Fragaria x ananassa 'Pineberry') - Pick up only

The word “pineberry” is a fusion of the words “pineapple” and “strawberry” and refers to a relatively new pale pink or pale orange to white strawberry cultivar that is adorned with red achenes. Pineberries are descendants of the strawberries native to North America, Fragaria virginiana, and strawberries native to Chile, Fragaria chiloensis. They are not genetically modified, nor are they somehow a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry. The biggest difference between red strawberries and Pineberries is the fruit. Pineberry plants yield white- to pinkish-hued fruits that start out green. Pink blush may be more prominent on fruit that gets more sun exposure. The fruit has a pleasantly pineapple aroma and taste, and is smaller than most modern domestic garden strawberries. Due to its appearance, the Pineberry fruit is also less appealing to birds than red strawberries. They can produce on their own but will produce even better planted with red strawberries as a pollinator.

$7.50 - Mortdale, NSW

Vietnamese Mint (Persicaria odorata) - Pick up only

Common Name: Vietnamese Mint, Vietnamese Coriander, Laksa Leaf Scientific Name: Persicaria odorata Vietnamese Mint is a creeping, herbaceous perennial that grows from 15-30cm high, but it has been reported to grow up to 80cm in ideal conditions. It is vigorously spreading herb, has an assertive flavour, being piquant, peppery and intensely fragrant. You can harvest fresh leaves and stems as you need them for cooking or to use as health supplements. The plant recovers well and you will have a constant supply, so there is no need to dry and store the leaves. The leaves are widely used in cooking and also have some traditional medicinal uses.



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