Grow It Local: Live broadcasts and How To Videos

Australian’s are engaging with their gardens and the idea of growing food at home at an unprecedented scale. To help support this movement Grow It Local are bringing together Australia’s top talent in edible gardening to help educate and inspire. Check back into this page regularly to see the updates from the likes of Costa, Gardening Australia and Paul West, River Cottage Australia. Over the coming months, we’ll also be calling on our community of growers, with everything from window-sill patches to all out food forests to show us their skills. Get excited! #canyoudigit? #growitlocal

************UPCOMING LIVE EVENTS**************

Saturday June 27: Ask ME ANYTHING with Paul West - Sign up (NOTE - Updated EVENT DAY)


Costa Georgiadis (ABC’s Gardening Australia)

Costa needs no introduction, the educator and host of ABC’s Gardening Australia, is a firm favourite for Aussie growers. A Grow It Local ambassador, Costa will be sharing his passion for getting your hands dirty in the garden and embracing community with a series of how-to live events and videos.

  • Online Live Event Composting with Costa for International Compost Week

Saturday 9 May 3pm-4pm AEST Live 

Paul West (River Cottage Australia)

Paul West is an Australian chef and grower best known for spending a couple of seasons on the River Cottage farm in Central Tilba. Paul wants all Australians to have a go at gardening, on their own level. He says you don’t have to start by ripping up your lawn and going crazy, it can be something as simple as herbs in a pot.

To get your garden growing check out Paul's new book; The Edible Garden Cookbook & Growing Guide.

  • How to Video:

How to Grow From Seed

  • Online Live Event: Happy Chickens with Paul West

Catch the recording here

  • Online Live Event:The Edible Garden with Paul West

Saturday June 27 11:30am - 12:30am AEST Live SIGN UP

Oliver Brown (Fat of the Land and Sea)

Oliver is an archaeologist with an obsession about where food comes from and how it gets to the table. This has made him enough of a forager, fisher, hunter, gardener, beekeeper and cook to take on the challenge of going for a year living on wild and homegrown food with just ten other ingredients allowed into the kitchen. All while keeping up the office day job and family life in suburban Sydney.

  • How to Video: How to Grow Turmeric

Check back in for;

  • How to Video: All About Perennial Alliums
  • How to Video: Foragers Felafel
  • How to Video: Keeping Chickens

JP Williamson (Compost Revolution Commander-in-Chief)

Since 2011 JP has worked for Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils. Affectionately known as 'Compost Revolution Commander in Chief', JP is trained as a biologist specialising in fungal-plant ecology. He really digs soil! Currently, JP is growing his own food off his sailing boat moored in Sydney Harbour. Proof that you really don’t need a backyard to get growing.

  • Online Live Video: Growing Green in Tiny Salty Homes

A rare sneak peak tour of JP's super sustainable floating tiny home (aka sail boat) covering growing, foraging, cooking, worm farming, water conservation and solar, & answering your questions generally.

Catch the video here

Casey Lister (pinch dash glug)

Casey is a self-taught home grower and master chef. She's based in Perth, Western Australia in a little house by the beach, with a rambling vegetable garden and her dog, Maple.

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  • How to Video: How to make your own kombucha scoby
  • How to Video: Garden meditation
  • How to Video: Growing herbs and salad greens


Katya is an expert in making the most of small spaces. She's growing a huge range of organic food in her small backyard on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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