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Together, we'll get your veggie seeds growing and thriving, no matter what level of gardening knowledge you're starting with.



Get Seasonal Seeds to Your Door

Receive a package of open-pollinated, organic, heirloom seeds each season, with all varieties hand-selected by Paul West to grow well in any Aussie climate.

Grow-Along with Paul West

Expert gardener Paul West will walk you through every step of your growing journey, from patch prep and planting to harvesting and cooking — featuring Australia's leading chefs.

Acces Expert Horticultural Advice

No gardening experience is needed! Easily overcome any challenges or barriers in your patch with 1:1 support and advice from our Gardening Guru experts.

Become a member of the Grow It Local Seed Service for just $8 a month. That's less than two coffees (and no cups to throw away!). Cancel anytime!



• You receive a package of heirloom seeds each season

We take the guesswork out by choosing the best organic, heirloom seeds for your patch each season, as selected by Paul West. All seeds are grown here in Australia and delivered direct to your doorstep!

• Learn to grow with us

We hold your hand through the edible gardening journey, from patch-to-plate. Inside your exclusive Members Dashboard, you’ll receive videos and how-to articles specific to each stage in the grow-along journey, inclduing plant origins, growing tips and recipes from Australia’s best chefs.

• Get expert gardening help whenever you need it

Just getting started with edible gardening? Worried you have a ‘black thumb’? No worries! Inside your exclusive online Member Dashboard, you can ask questions and get personalised troubleshooting help from our crew of Gardening Guru.

• Grow with your community

Grow along with a like-minded community of aspiring backyard, balcony, community garden and window-sill farmers.

• See the positive impact

You’ll become part of a community of like-minded legends making the world a better place, one patch at a time. Inside our annual community Impact Report, you’ll learn the collective positive impacts of the Grow It Local gardening community.

Frequently asked questions

• How often will I receive seeds?

You receive one Seed Service Package each season — so one package containing three to four seeds varieties, delivered every three months. These seed combinations are specifically chosen to be grown together so you can make a meal from your patch at the end of the growing season.

As part of your subscription, you also receive exclusive videos and how-to content to support your grow-along experience, plus access to our horitculatural experts.

• Are the seeds suitable for my climate?

Yes! Expert gardener Paul West is curating the Seed Service collection each season, and choosing seed varieties that are suitable for growing in all Australian climates.

• Are the seeds organic and Australian grown?

Yes, we are collaborating with an Australian seed grower to provide open-pollinated, heirloom and organic seeds.

• I’m a beginner gardener — is the Seed Service suitable for me?

Absolutely. We’re on a mission to support and inspire more Aussies to grow and eat local. We want to grow more growers! So if you’re interested in learning how to grow from seed in a fully supported patch-to-plate way, the Seed Service is for you. No prior gardening experience is required.

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  • Heirloom seed selections curated by Paul West & delivered direct each season.
  • Exclusive grow-along videos & content to support you from patch-to-plate.
  • No gardening experience needed, online support provided throughout.
  • Troubleshoot any issues with 1:1 help from in-house horticultural experts.
  • PLUS: Free access to Grow It Local workshops, garden map, newsletter, festival, awards, Impact Report + more.
  • Cancel anytime — no lock-in contracts.

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