🌳🌱trees trees trees🌱🌳

🌳🌱trees trees trees🌱🌳

$10.00 / per unit




🌱Little trees 🌳 Lots of fruiting🍊🍎🍒, rare, ornamental, native tree seedlings 🌱, grow big, graft or bonsai. *free seedling Apple tree per child* 💰20% off any purchase of 6 or more plants. I have many seedling trees and plants available, I just grow them for fun and to plant at my rural home. Many unique and sought after species. Some are young seedlings. Many are coming into their second or third growth. 🌳ORNAMENTAL *Bodhi tree / Ficus Religiosa (Pipal/Tree of life) tube stock size; suit bonsai or can grow enormous $15 *Southern Magnolia seedlings $15 (magnolia grandiflora) *Willow, twisted / corkscrew or straight available (salix matsudana) $5 (8" pot) *Common Ash Seedlings (Fraxinus Oxycarpa) $15 in 8" pot *Green Ash (Fraxinus Pennsylvanica) $20 *Oak seedlings $12 EA: English, Cork Oak, White, Algerian, Burr Oak avail. *Maples: Sycamore in 20cm pot $10, (Acer pseudoplatanus) Red Maple (Acer rubrum) Seedlings $10 Japanese maple seedlings $10 *California Redwood (sequoia sempervirens) rooted cuttings $15 *Swamp Cypress Cypress $15 (5 litre pots) *Grey lavender rooted from cuttings $3 *wormwood cuttings available easy to grow from cuttings (Artemis absynthium) $3 🍎FRUIT TREES: *Apricot (seedlings from local Burekup Apricots) $10 *Plum (Queen Garnet) seedlings $10 *Pluot (plum x apricot) seedlings $8 *Mulberry (Hicks Fancy) rooted cuttings $10 *Carob - 3 small seedlings per pot $10 per pot *Black sapote (Diospyros nigra) $15 (seedlings in 6-8" pots) *Rose Apple seedlings $15 (syzigium jambos) *Apple seedlings (Kanzi, Bravo, Gala, smitten, Sundowner)$5 ea *Nashi Pear seedling $5 *Loquat in 20cm pots $12 *Fig rooted from cutting black and brown. From $5 *Ice cream bean (Inga sp. Not edulis) $8 small* *Persimmon (from Fuyu seed) $8 small* *Avocado seedlings (Reed/ Hass) from $10 *Feijoa (from Duffy seed) $10 🌿NATIVES *Eucalyptus sideroxylon (red Ironbark flowering gum) $10 seedlings in 5" pots I live at Benger, (between Brunswick and Harvey) Pickup By appointment only No holds or delivery


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