Grow it Local - Produce Swap and Pizza

Grow it Local - Produce Swap and Pizza
Grow it Local - Produce Swap and Pizza

$5.00 / per ticket


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Sunday 15th November 2020 - 3:00am ( local time)


To celebrate the many local growers and vegetable patches in the City of Cockburn, come and join our Spring Grow it Local event! Growing your own food allows you to enjoy delicious, inexpensive, convenient produce that is good for you and the environment. The City currently has 88 patches registered on Grow it Local, the most in WA! Come learn from these keen growers and join in for a plant/produce swap, pizzas (in which you can add your home-grown produce), and a presentation by local grower and recipe book author, Casey Lister (#pinchdashglug). Casey started her garden 6 years ago, in a dry backyard filled with dead couch grass. She’s a self-taught gardener who prioritises low intervention, pesticide-free, permaculture methods and a lot of trial and error. Casey will discuss some of her delicious recipes within her two recent cookbooks; Pinch Dash Glug Summer/Autumn and Winter/Spring. During this event you will learn about great tips and tricks to gardening and how to make the most of your own home-grown produce from each season. Don't forget to bring along home-grown fruit and vegetables from your garden and/or home-made produce to swap at the event! This event is for residents who are already growing their own food, those who want to learn how and those who may be at the beginning of their growing journey. Attendees who have a patch registered with Grow it Local will also receive a small gift. **THIS EVENT HAS STRICTLY LIMITED CAPACITY - PLEASE REGISTER DIRECTLY AT** Please note, this event is for City of Cockburn residents only. $5 per ticket.

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