Signed copies of "Homegrown" by Paul West

Signed copies of "Homegrown" by Paul West
Signed copies of "Homegrown" by Paul West

$54.99 / per unit




PREORDER - Books Shipped on OCT 26 Everyone knows that homegrown tastes better. It doesn't matter if you grow a few herbs on a window sill or you're a full blown master kitchen gardener, the joy is the same. Join me in my garden and kitchen over the course of year as I help you grow, cook and build your own homegrown experience. It features growing guides for every season, easy DIY projects that you can make and stacks of delicious recipes. Growing and cooking your own food is a small bit of radical action that you can take to make the world a better place! For every pre-order copy sold, $5 will be donated to the HalfCut organisation, an Australian charity which purchases high value rainforest properties, protecting them from future development and handing them back to Traditional owners. Every book sold will save 2m2 of Daintree rainforest! Price breakdown $44.99RRP for the book ($5 of which goes to protecting the Daintree) $10 flat rate postage anywhere in Australia AUSTRALIA ONLY

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  • 2 years ago @Darryl Nichols

    Love this, can't wait to read and very intrigued by Hypno HQ too!

  • 2 years ago @Kris Berrell

    Please dedicate the book/ make a comment to my six year old daughter who watches you on river cottage Australia and you are her hero! She would desperately love to meet you - so just to even have a personalised message form you in the book would be fantastic. Her name is Hannah.

  • 2 years ago @Kim White

    When I login I can't find your book to purchase. Can you please send me the link to Thankyou.

  • 2 years ago @Samantha Bradley

    Would appreciate it signed to me Sam.. Thank you

  • 2 years ago @Helen Barker

    Hi Paul, would love it if you could write a message/sign the book for my husband for Xmas. His name’s Lloyd. Thanks! Helen

  • 2 years ago @Robyn Amess

    Hi Paul, my son studies and practice of permaculture. I would love it if you could dedicate this book to ‘Joel’ , it will be a Xmas present. He is a keen grower and chef.xx

  • 2 years ago @Grant & Cat Baverstock

    Hi Paul could you please sign your book to my husband Grant. Thank you