Grow It Local is your local grow community. A celebration of backyard, balcony, community and window-sill farmers across the country.

Why get involved?

GROW: get inspired by seeing who’s growing locally & what's under cultivation

SHARE: connect with local growers to learn and share knowledge, expertise, produce, recipes and more

EAT: attend local food experiences that celebrate local produce, growers, chefs & like-minded businesses


Grow It Local is a grass roots, purpose-driven mission to get more people growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods. 


We aim to:

  • Make growing more accessible 
  • Increase the production & consumption of locally grown foods
  • Provide a connection to nature
  • Inspire positive health & wellbeing 
  • Help build stronger and more resilient communities
  • Increase composting and reduce organic waste to landfill
  • Do something delicious & have a little fun !


  • Put your patch on the map! Tell people a little about what you're growing. Find other growers near you and connect to share, knowledge, skills & more.

How long does it take to register my patch?

Registering your patch is a free and easy process that takes approximately 3-5minutes 


Grow It Local is brought to you by the folks behind Garage Sale Trail. The idea is simple. By mobilizing communities across Australia to host garage sales on one big weekend, we aim to encourage reuse, reduce waste to landfill, connect local communities, provide a platform for fundraising and inspire a little creativity and fun.

What started as a local idea in Bondi Beach has grown into a truly national movement supported by 400,000 Australian’s and powered by 149 Councils nationally. Each year the annual weekend-long Garage Sale Trail see’s 2+ million items listed for sale at over 18,000 garage sales across the nation. 

We never cease to be inspired by the colourful garage sales and unexpected items that get registered each year from the first ever MONA garage sale, a miniature goat sale, the grandpa sale, the almost deceased estate garage sale and the Only Lionel Vinyl Sale.

Grow It Local was first brought to life in 2012. It was a ‘crowd farming’ initiative which generated lots of interest and was a lot of fun. At this time, our team included Jess Miller, Ben Peacock, Jordan Sly and the awesome folks at Sydney's Three Blue Ducks restaurant. 

Local growers were invited to put their patch on the map and donate some home grown produce in each exchange to a crowd farmed growers feast at Three Blue Ducks in Bronte. The Ducks transformed the locally grown produce into a mind-blowing feast enjoyed by all.

The ‘crowd farming’ idea caught on and we were soon approached by Remo Guiffre of TEDx and food extraordinaire Jill Dupliex with an outrageous idea to crowd farm for 2,200 people at the Opera House. The results exceeded all expectations.

Peep the TEDx Crowd Farmed by Grow It Local video here

Since then we've been doing some serious growing. In late 2019, we returned and so thrilled to be back and hope you’ll join us in our mission to help get more folks growing, sharing and eating locally grown food.

Can you dig it ? xx


Darryl Nichols (Co-founder)

A local to Sydney's Bondi Beach, Darryl is an advocate for the Lo-Fi lifestyle. Switch off, slow-down, grow something and enjoy food that's home-grown and home-made. It's easier than most people think. As a co-founder of Australia's Garage Sale Trail, Darryl says Garage Sale Trail is about our stuff, while Grow It Local is about our food - but both are about community. Let's connect and grow together.

Andrew Valder (Co-founder)

"Give me the boy until seven and I’ll give you the man" or so the saying goes. Andrew’s first memories as a kid involve gently sticking purpley-brown bean seeds beneath the soil’s surface with siblings and parents at his family home in Sydney. Mandarin trees groaning with fruit, growing cobs of corn and a picking Tiny Tom tomatoes were as common place as playing handball in the back yard. Fast forward to now and edible gardening remains not only a way Andrew remains connected to the nature but also a way to teach his kids that food doesn't actually come from Woolworth or Coles! With Grow It Local, Andrew hopes to bring communities together and encourage a more sustainable way to live.

Diego Trigo (Co-founder)

Living in Byron Bay since 2018, Diego has just finished building his own veggie garden made of second-hand timber. Known as the curry-man, Diego has the biggest curry tree in town and is proud to share it with anyone on a cooking mission. Apart from that, Diego is also a tech guru, specialized in mobile apps and complex system integrations. When he's not entertained with his backyard patch or on his computer, you can find him playing saxophone around iconic pubs on the Northern Rivers.

Paul West (Cofounder)

Author, broadcaster, chef, surfer and master grower Paul West brings his edible expertise to Grow It Local as a cofounder and head of content and programming. "Grow It Local is a celebration of community, creativity, gardening and fun!" Our goal is to make life happier, healthier and more delicious. Can you dig it?!

Costa (Ambassador)

“There is nothing more important than a community of growers. Grow It Local says let's come together and let's grow.”

Ben Peacock (Creative Director)

Ben grew up vegetarian, so he knows a good vegetable when he sees one. Ben helps support the team on all things creative, as well as specialising in a mean gazpacho.