Love Food Hate Waste

Food Lovers

Dig it, grow it, love it! When we grow something ourselves, we experience the whole journey from seed to ready-to-eat produce. This connection to the source of our food is really important, but rare in today’s world. Let's celebrate our food! Love food, not waste.


Discover how to have a waste free kitchen

Watch the on-demand video for this remarkable workshop where presenter and waste educator, Lindsay will take you through an informative journey about reducing waste in your kitchen. Starting with things we buy, how to store food, and what to do with food scraps, Lindsay will cover the many ways to use less packaging, lower our carbon footprint, and reduce food waste – whilst still eating good food! Lindsay will also give you her top practical tips and plenty of ideas for easy swaps or simple changes, as well as a better understanding of our food system and our part in it.

Learn to Pickle with OzHarvest's Ronni Kahn and Trav Harvey

Join the forever inspirational Ronni Kahn, Oz Harvest founder, social entrepreneur and Picklenic grand champion alongside executive chef Trav Harvey for a super special pickling session. Ronni and Trav will talk us through why pickling is a great way to reduce food waste and also teach us two of their favourite pickling recipes - an award winning roasted fennel pickle and a delicious pickled jalapeno.

Hear from Casey Lister on her top tips for keeping it fresh

Paul West shares his favourite whole veggie recipes

Share your excess produce on the Grow It Local marketplace

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